Washington State – Visitors from Canada!

For the first time in as long as I can remember I was having a bad allergic reaction to, I’m guessing, all the pollen in the air. So when we arrived on April 6th in Gig Harbor, Washington, just outside of Tacoma, I went straight to bed for an hour long nap. I woke up feeling a bit better, but my nose was still running and I was constantly sneezing. Despite the allergies I performed with Gustaff at our friends home that night, and it seemed like it went well. I ended up heading straight to bed afterwards, but from what I heard the feedback was all positive.

Photo of house concert in Gig Harbor, Washington
Great turnout in Gig Harbor.

The next morning I woke up feeling a hundred times better. Our friends took us for a walk around downtown Gig Harbor and I was blown away by how pretty it was for such a small town. I guess you can’t go wrong in this area of the country with the Puget Sound and all the luscious green trees around.

panoramic photo in Gig Harbor, Washington
Panoramic view in Gig Harbor.
a photo from downtown gig harbor, washington
Downtown Gig Harbor.
photo of a funky looking tree in washington
Pretty sure this tree is in a Dr. Seuss movie.

Just before leaving town I got to stop in at our friend Russ Salton’s studio and really quickly we laid down my new single Humble Miles, which you can listen to here.

Photo of guitarist playing a 1928 martin acoustic and harmonica
Jammin’ on a 1928 Martin with Russ.

Our next and last stop in Washington was Seattle. To get there we ended up catching a random ferry across the Puget Sound. The ticket we paid for however was to an island in the middle of the Sound and not the mainland of the Seattle area. Luckily we figured this out minutes before our boat made it’s stop on the mainland to drop off the passengers going to Seattle (as it was going to leave from there and head to this random island), and with the help of a few workers we were able to maneuver the van out of line and reverse off the ferry!

photo in the puget sound with mount rainier in the background
View from the ferry with Mt. Rainier in the background.
selfie on a ferry in the puget sound washington
First ferry ride of the tour!

That night I got a surprise visit from my Auntie Tina, who made the trip to Vancouver the day before and knowing that I would be in the Northwest, made the drive across the border to see me. Together we went to a Fundraiser for my dear friend John who is experiencing such heartbreaking injustice in the Bahamas at the moment (John was my cave-mate during my stay in the Bahamas last year). Afterwards my auntie took me out for coffee and snacks to catch up.

selfie of a nephew and his auntie
Auntie Tina and I reunited.
photo of a girl playing guitar and singing for a fundraiser
My friend Sierra performing at the fundraiser.

The next morning we linked up with our friends Chelan and Noah from Portland and their awesome friends from the Seattle area. Later on that afternoon my parents from Edmonton, Alberta arrived after 16 hours of driving. Together all of us were one big giant family.

selfie of a family in front of chocolati cafe in seattle, washington
Coffee with the family.

Gustaff and I played one show in the Seattle area at The Unity Museum, and the rest of the time was spent with all our friends and family. We had such a blast exploring the city and its surroundings.

photo of the entrance to pike's place market in seattle washington
Pike’s Place Market, Seattle, Washington.
Photo of family at Discovery Park in seattle washington
Adventuring around Discovery Park with these three.
Selfie of family on a beach near puget sound seattle
Photo-bombing my parents selfie.
Photo of old couple dancing on a beach in Seattle, Washington
Mom and Dad showing off near the shores of the Puget Sound.
Boy hanging from a tree at Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington
When there is a tree like this I have to climb.
Photo of the sunset at Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington
Me getting all artsy during sunset.
Selfie at a lighthouse during sunset
Dids and I at the lighthouse in Discovery Park.
Beach in Discovery Park, Seattle during sunset.
Gustaff and mom playing on the beach during sunset.

Like always our stay was way too short and it was difficult to say goodbye, especially to Chelan and Noah. Thankfully my parents were continuing on with us as we left Washington State and made our way towards Livingston, Montana on April 11th for another full day of driving.

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