Morning Prayer by Stevie Vagabond

Morning Prayer

EP Shadows Road Trip

As I said in the post for the Humanity Prayer, my music journey really began when Gustaff Besungu took me under his wing and on his EP Shadows Road Trip tour around the United States in 2016. At that moment I had hoped to have an album of my own to share, but did not have the funds. It has been too long since then, and so finally I have decided to at least create some acoustic videos of some of those songs (Humanity Prayer, Morning Prayer, We Can Fly, World Citizen) for all of you to enjoy, share, and learn.

Photo of Gustaff and Stevie in California
Gustaff and I in California. Photo by Romi Burianova

Morning Prayer

This song, as you can tell by the name, is a prayer to be shared in the morning. It too is from the Baha’i prayers, but of course is for all of humanity. This was actually the first prayer I memorized before I declared Baha’i in 2013 and I used it to start my day every day. It was only natural for me to try my best to put this prayer to music. So here it is.

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