Stevie Iwaszko’s Visit to Key West

Back to the Beginning of Stevie the Vagabond

Roll back to the first year of my travels as Stevie the Vagabond in the summer of 2013. I was halfway across Canada already, playing guitar on the streets while living out of my car.

stevie vagabond iwaszko playing guitar on the street

There was a big youth conference hosted by the Baha’i Community in Toronto with thousands of youth participating from the surrounding region. One of them by the name of Kyle Schmalenberg exchanged info with me and stayed connected after the conference. Actually one of my next stops was a quick stay at his home in Kingston, Ontario just a few days after the conference.

Initial Conversation with Kyle

Now skip ahead to late 2015, I received a message from Kyle talking about an idea he had for a new video series about me! Since the last time I saw him he had begun his career as a videographer and was working on a few projects for Baha’i Blog. After some Facebook messages back and forth discussing possible ideas, and many more conversations between him and the team at Baha’i Blog, they came up with an idea to get him and his equipment to Key West.

Kyle’s Visit to Key West

In early 2016 Kyle visited the Florida Keys for 6 days. He followed me around to the various Baha’i activities going on in the community while capturing as much footage as he could before heading back to his home in Toronto. From then on life continued for me as a vagabond. I went on the EP Shadows road trip and then on my Crewing To Panama experience.

After a couple months in Central America I found my way on a flight back to Canada, which included a stop in Toronto. I had a full nights layover so I visited Kyle at his apartment that evening and he showed me his final product of the video. I was absolutely blown away!

Final Product on Baha’i Blog

Now a couple months later it has finally been shared on Baha’i Blogs website titled, “Stevie Iwaszko’s visit to Key West”, and here it is for you all to enjoy.

Let me know what you think and please pass it on if you like it!


Stevie Iwaszko’s Visit to Key West

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