One Ocean – Film by Stevie Iwaszko

“Ye are the leaves of one tree and the drops of one ocean.” – Baha’u’llah

Dear Friends!!

I am now wrapping up my last couple weeks of the University semester in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. VIU has treated me well and it has been such a great experience to strap up the old soccer boots and get back out on the field with the Mariners. To be honest I was quite impressed with how smoothly my transition went. Unfortunately the season did not end how we had hoped, but I was super grateful for every second of it.

It helps being surrounded by the ocean.

Photo of Shun Takano and Stephen Ewashko playing soccer for VIU Mariners

Aside from all this Romi and I got to spend some more time together in another location. We did all we could to explore and enjoy the time together. It was short once again, but there is so much to look forward to (new adventures coming very soon). For now she is back in Florida surrounded by a much warmer part of the ocean.

Photo of Stevie Iwaszko and Romi Burianova in Nanaimo, British Colombia


Now for the main reason I am creating this post: One Ocean. This is a short film I created for my videography course here at VIU. Our project was supposed to be a short film about a place in or around Nanaimo. I chose the ocean, which is quite general, but there was a reason for this. For those who have been following along with my journey you may have noticed how closely connected it has been with the ocean. Therefor I created this film to illustrate my ever growing relationship with Mother Ocean while linking it back to my current time and location here in Nanaimo. As a Baha’i I decided to incorporate some of the writings, and if you can tell there is a deeper meaning to this film. I will leave the rest up to your own valuable and creative interpretation.

I hope that you enjoy the film, and if you do please share, and or, give me your feedback!




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