Hutchinson – The Dirty Little Spoons reunion.

Gustaff and I arrived in Hutchinson, Kansas just after 10 pm on Saturday, March 5th. With uncontrollable excitement Maggie and Adam greeted us outside of their cozy little home. After meeting this vibrant couple in Key West two years ago, they declared Baha’i, got married, and migrated to Washington State to learn how to farm. From there they moved back to their hometown of Hutchinson and started their own farm which you can learn more about here. Because it had been so long we struggled to fall asleep that night getting caught up in music and conversation. When we met in Key West we had started a band, called the Dirty Little Spoons, so this night was the long awaited reunion which we took full advantage of. Gustaff was finally getting over his cold but unfortunately I was starting to get a sore throat and lose my voice. We finally got to sleep around 3 a.m., slumber party style.

Music jam in Hutchinson Kansas with the Dirty Little Spoons
The Dirty Little Spoons together again.


sleeping in a yoga studio style room in hutchinson
Sleep overs at Maggie and Adams.

Adam woke me up before sunrise to a delicious breakfast in preparation for the day of fasting, while Maggie and Gustaff slept a bit longer since they weren’t fasting. That day unfolded naturally without us making much for plans. We went for a bike ride and I got to ride my first tandem bike. We got to visit some friends at a local coffee shop who were coming later that night to our house concert. We also visited Adams parents, who invited us for dinner just before our show. Maggie’s parents whom I met two years ago in Key West also showed up which was such a wonderful surprise. There was not much time so we ate quickly (some “pork butt” which was smoked all afternoon by Adams father), then headed back to Maggie and Adams for the concert. As we played more and more friends showed up and by the end their small home was full. Many hung around afterwards to continue to jam. The instruments being used were a banjo, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, vocals, djembe, saxophone, harmonica and even an otamatone.

Biking through Hutchinson Kansas with the Poundses
Bike ride through the town of Hutchinson.
Two dudes riding a tandem bike through Hutchinson
My first time riding a tandem!

The next morning following another amazing breakfast we met up with a local journalist for the Hutchinson News at Bluebird Books coffee shop. She interviewed Gustaff and I, which also turned into a mini concert. The owner of the cafe loved it and afterwards she hung out with us for a bit. The shop had a really laid back and funky vibe to it, perfect for an impromptu concert. (Check out the article from the Hutchinson News and a video of my song World Citizen here.)

Music at Bluebird Books in Hutchinson for Hutchinson News
Playing at Bluebird Books.

From there we went to Sunflower Yoga Studio for some chanting. Afterwards we brought out our instruments and played our second impromptu concert of the day. By this time my voice was almost completely gone but it was just so much fun.

Music and chanting at Sunflower Yoga Studio in Hutchinson
Playing at Sunflower Yoga Studio.

After the yoga studio we all decided to go back to Adams parents home even though they weren’t expecting us. When we got there a feast was prepared and that turned into one of the famous Pounds family bluegrass jam sessions. We played until everyone was ready for bed and reluctantly said our goodbyes.

That night Gustaff and I soaked up our last few hours with our dear friends Maggie and Adam. It was more than a joy to finally spend time with them and see how much they have grown. To say that I am proud of them is a complete understatement. They inspire me beyond words, and I am so very grateful for their friendship.

Young couple on a tandem bike in Hutchinson
Maggie and Adam in front of their home.

We ate breakfast as a family one last time on Tuesday, March 7th, took a few photos, gave some long loving hugs, and said our goodbyes. As we made our way out of town headed west to Colorado, via New Mexico along the Santa Fe Trail, I heard the train passing through Hutchinson one last time and I thought to myself about how lucky I have been to make such special bonds with people on my journey these past few years. I will never take this form of grace for granted.

New and old friends in Hutchinson Kansas
One last selfie before hitting the road.