Salt Lake City, Utah – Reunion with friends!

The drive through south Montana and Idaho to Utah was spectacular. Gustaff and I made sure to stop when we saw anything worth soaking in. Our favorite was this frozen lake in Idaho called Henrys Lake. We arrived at our destination after daylight once again, but this time we were greeted with friends of Gustaff’s whom he hadn’t seen since before leaving Cameroon 15 years ago! The joy that radiated from them when they saw each other again was contagious. Afterwards we went to our host Siamak’s home and once again we were welcomed with so much joy and exultation that I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming by this point.

a panoramic photo of henrys lake in Idaho
Henrys Lake, Idaho
Photo of a guy standing in a lake in idaho
I had to get my feet in there.
Photo of a plymouth voyager in idaho
Consolo experiencing the cold.
Photo of the utah state sign
Made it to Utah.
a photo of two Cameroonians in salt lake city, utah
Gustaff and Peter reunited after 15 years!

The next evening we linked up with a group of youth for dinner, whom we met a month prior in NABI. They were there from Westminster College on a service trip to learn about the Navajo and experience different regions in the area. They held their promise to us and, while we were on the road, set up a show on their campus. They organized our performance for Better Together Day at the schools cafeteria that night, April 14th. We had a great time reuniting with these inspiring youth who come from all different backgrounds, religions and cultures around the world. Plus, the turnout was great even though exams were fast approaching.

Selfie of a group of youth in Salt Lake city, utah
Dinner with friends!!
photo of musicians playing at westminster college in salt lake city, utah
Performing for Better Together Day at Westminster College.
photo of three guys from cameroon, india, and canada in utah
World citizens!
photo of youth for better together day in westminster college salt lake city, utah
All these youth… inspiring!

The next night we performed a devotional concert at Siamak’s home, and once again the turnout was fantastic with almost 40 people. I got to hand out new business cards printed as a gift for me by AMT Printing. This was extremely appreciated since I had just run out of my last cards that I ordered, but they were so expensive that I didn’t have the funds to purchase new ones. These ones turned out great and there was a lot more of them!

photo of baha'i musicians performing a devotional in salt lake city, utah
Great turnout at Siamak’s home.

Our stay in Salt Lake City was short like most of our experiences on this journey, only a couple days. Siamak fed us like kings and treated us with so much kindness and respect that I just have to keep mentioning it in this post. We were grateful to have the opportunity to connect with so many friends, past and present, and especially this inspirational group of youth.

photo of persian man in front of his home in salt lake city, utah
As we were leaving, Siamak stocked us up with so much food we felt like a grocery store.

By the late morning of April 16th we were on our way out of Utah to Colorado for our final state of the EP Shadows music road trip. But, just before crossing the state line we made a short detour towards Moab, Utah to visit the Arches National Park. It was absolutely freezing, but we made the most of the time we had, letting loose and playing around the red sand and rock desert. For me it was exactly what I needed after a lot of driving and performing in the last couple weeks.

Photo of the sign at Arches National Park near moab, utah
We were pretty pumped to find out all National Parks were free this week.
Photo of yoga headstand near balanced rock in arches national park moab, utah
Balancing on my head near “Balanced Rock”.
Photo of yoga pose in double arch in arches national park utah
Seconds before my GoPro almost rolled off the cliff.
photo of the arches near moab, utah
Look closely and you’ll see me.
photo of two guys running through arches national park, utah
Gustaff and I burning off the calories we built up at Siamak’s.
Photo at Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
This landscape was one of the most unique I have ever seen.
Photo of the red sands of Moab, Utah.
Just before leaving I spotted this red sand hill and had to run up it!

Next stop Grand Junction, CO.

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