CTP: Blog 2 – Mississippi Sound

We spent two nights in Gulfport, Mississippi resting up and waiting out some nasty weather. The Captain made a couple small repairs while I downloaded some music and podcasts for the passage (a handful of TED talks, a Czech Language podcast, and some Nahko Bear and Trevor Hall for music).

By early morning of May 2nd, while I slept in, the Captain released the dock lines and took us back out into the Mississippi Sound. I slowly got up for the day, had a bowl of Strawberry Mini Wheats and a cup of coffee, then took over for the Captain.
A few hours later the Captain made some hot dogs for lunch. I sat on watch listening to Roger Miller and Jimmy Buffet, sipping on a Barq’s Root Beer (supposedly they originated in Mississippi), while dodging all the barges that lugged by us and staying on course towards Daughin Island, Alabama. Unlike an ocean passage, here near the coast there is plenty of traffic and animals to keep you entertained. I also noticed that the water was slowly changing from a deep muddy brown to more of a foggy grayish green color, while thinking to myself, “I can’t wait until we reach the blue waters!” (not to mention blue sky’s again).

photo of a barq's root beer in mississippi
Having my Barq’s Root Beer in the Mississippi Sound.
photo of a sailboat in the mississippi sound
Not my most enjoyable color of water.

We made it to Daughin Island a couple hours before sunset. Our approach to Lafitte Bay required a lot of attention since it’s a bit shallow. We thought it was quite amusing to point out the last marker before the cut was just an orange garbage bin over the piling.

photo of a channel marker with a garbage bin in alabama
Only in Alabama.

Once inside we found ourselves in the middle of a classy subdivision. I pulled out my guitar and took some photos while the sun set in behind the houses. There’s something about sunsets after stormy days that make them that much more spectacular.

photo of the sun setting over daughin island alabama
Sunset over Daughin Island

Meanwhile Pelicans and gulls dove for fishes as dolphins came in and out of the bay. I noticed a few of the residents even came out to listen to a few songs before I called it a night.
Not a bad way to finish the day.

photo of a guitar in daughin island, alabama

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