Oklahoma is OK – The road-trip continues.

Before heading to Oklahoma we had a short, luxurious and relaxing stay in the Dallas Metro area. It was nice to have a bit of a break for a couple days, but still getting to meet with friends and see a bit of the city. We left towards Oklahoma on Thursday, March 3rd, planning to make a stop or two on the way for some site seeing.

Mansion in Westlake Texas
Our guesthouse next to the mansion in Westlake, TX
Just before setting off to Oklahoma
Gustaff, Consolo, and I before hitting the road.

Just before reaching the state line we got unexpectedly pulled over by an officer who said we were not signaling when changing lanes. I knew that I was but I did not argue. The cop asked me to step out of the car to question me, then when he was done he went to the passenger side to question Gustaff, to see if our stories matched up I’m guessing. Not much time went by and he let us go, I had him watch to see if our lights were working before setting off, they were.

Our first planned stop was Lake Murray State Park in central Oklahoma near Ardmore. This 5,700-acre lake was surrounded by trails, beaches and historic sites. One of these sites that Gustaff and I got to check out was Tucker Tower, which from the top offered the most spectacular 360 degree view of the Park.

Lake Murray state park in oklahoma
Lake Murray State Park, OK
Tucker Tower lake murray state park in oklahoma
The view from Tucker Tower.

With a bit more free time we decided to check out Turner Falls just 30 minutes north of where we were. Just as we were making our way towards the Falls, a second cop pulled us over, this time because one of our break lights was out. She seemed extremely suspicious and anxious, taking both of our ID’s and insurance information with her. When she returned, like the officer earlier, she let both of us go informing us to get the break light fixed. Finally we got to Turner Falls only to find out the bottom of the Falls were closed when we arrived, which normally is open for people to swim in. Luckily we were still able to drive to the top and hike through the trees to the edge for a view of the Falls from above. We even found a cave which, some of you will know why, felt like I was returning home. After soaking up the sites we made one last stop to visit an old friend of Gustaff’s who’s now living in Ardmore. There we relaxed and broke fast (Baha’is around the world are currently doing our yearly 19 day fast, where we don’t eat or drink during daylight hours).

Turner Falls Cave in oklahoma
Returning to cave-life.
Turner falls Arch in oklahoma
A natural arch near Turner Falls.
Turner Falls in Oklahoma
Turner Falls from above.

From Ardmore we headed straight to another gorgeous home, this time in Edmond just outside of Oklahoma City. We were greeted with the warmest of welcomings, and shared some conversation over tea and gelato. Afterwards the husband had us drive the van into the garage to fix the break light. There was no problem with it we just had to clean up the bulb a bit.

The next day Gustaff and I wandered around downtown Oklahoma City, the state Capitol of Oklahoma. We got to see Bricktown and the canal that runs through the streets. We also checked out the Myriad Gardens, and the Memorial of the Oklahoma Bombing, before heading back home to break fast and prepare for our evening show at the Edmond Baha’i Center.

view of bricktown canal in Oklahoma City
Bricktown Canal, Downtown OKC.
Myriad Gardens water stage in Oklahoma City
Hanging on the Water Stage near Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Botanical Gardens.
photo of Memorial in Oklahoma City
The Oklahoma Bombing Memorial

The show went well despite both Gustaff and I battling a bit of a cold. Gustaff was just getting over his so instead of singing the whole time he had the audience join in on most of his songs. I sang my songs but could feel the restriction on my vocal chords holding me back. Still we received wonderful and positive feedback from the friends, and afterwards had desert and drink with everyone downstairs at the Center.

Photo of EP Shadows in Edmond Baha'i Center, Oklahoma
Performing at the Edmond Baha’i Center.

The next morning before sunrise we were treated to the most delicious breakfast of pancakes, fruits, breads, cheeses, jams, and coffee. Later on the couple along with their son took us to Route 66 to see the historic Round Barn and Pops which is a gas station/diner that is famous for having absolutely every kind of flavor of pop (soda) out there. When I say every flavor I truly mean every flavor!

Oklahoma Route 66 historical stop
First visit to Route 66!
A photo of the round barn on Route 66 in oklahoma
The historic Round Barn on Route 66.
Photo of the historic Pops off Route 66 in Oklahoma.
Pops on with our Oklahoma Family.
Inside the historic pops off Route 66 in Oklahoma
Endless options of pop!
Endless flavors of pops on Route 66 in oklahoma
It was so hard to decide!

From there we said our goodbyes and hopped on the side roads towards Kansas. We made one last stop in Oklahoma to break fast in a tiny town called Tonkawa. We marveled as the sun set in the prairie region of the United States, engulfing the town in a warm golden blanket. At a local diner called Mary’s Grill I had the worlds largest double burger with Mac n cheese, it was delicious!

Photo of the sunset in Tonkawa Oklahoma
Sunset in Tonkawa, OK.
Photo outside Mary's Grill in Tonkawa Oklahoma
Mary’s Grill, home of the biggest burger I’ve ever had.

Next stop, Hutchinson, Kansas.

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