Day 2 – Pensacola Beach

Day 2 – Pensacola Beach

Morning from Pensacola Beach

My mom had just flown from Edmonton, Alberta and I knew that she was hoping to see the beach and ocean, so I planned for our first stop to be Pensacola Beach. After a long day starting at 6 am in Key West, loading the truck in Stuart, and then driving to Pensacola Beach, arriving at our Air BnB in Gulf Breeze at 3 in the morning. I was hoping that the beach would be worth it.

On June 8th we woke up, after not enough sleep, and headed to the beach. It more than made up for our fatigue!

Penske truck parked at Pensacola Beach Mom waving on pensacola beach Sandals on Pensacola beach Selfie of Stevie Vagabond and mom at Pensacola Beach Pensacola Beach, Florida mom at pensacola beach Stevie Vagabond and mom at Pensacola Beach Mom at Pensacola Beach Penske truck parked at Pensacola Beach

My mom picked as many sea shells as she could for her work that she does, and fought the urge to jump in the ocean (since she did not have a bathing suit). After a short, but sweet morning at the beach we decided to begin our long drive to Texas through the land of Bayous and Cajun food. Before arriving to Austin we stopped for dinner at a Cajun restaurant. Once again we got in around 3 am and went straight to bed. We still had a long way to go to get to Las Vegas.

Here’s some more photos from the drive:

Photo inside the Mobile, Alabama tunnel. Photo of an inflatable duck in Mississippi Photo of the highway in Louisiana Photo of the menu at a cajun food restaurant in Louisiana Cajun food in Texas Photo of a hand inside the mouth of a crocodile Selfie of Stevie Vagabond and mom with toothpicks

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