From Gainesville to Tallahassee

Once again we were blown away by the immense generosity of the friends! The Gainesville show had just about thirty people in the audience but they made us feel so loved and appreciated that I could have sworn there was much more. Gustaff and I left that evening buzzing… they even gave me a new guitar to take with me so I didn’t have to struggle anymore with my little backpacker (it was really coming close to the end of its life after three years of intense traveling conditions).

Gainesville Baha'i center
The Baha’i Center in Gainesville.
Performance baha'i center
First performance with my new guitar thanks to the Gainesville community.

The next day, before heading to the state capitol, Gustaff and I decided to check out a large sink whole in northern Gainesville called Devils Millhopper. It was quite a strange sight to see in the middle of this forest, a giant sink hole which we got to decend into via a wooden staircase. It didn’t take us too long to enjoy the experience however, so we were quickly back on the road to our next destination.

Devils Millhopper Gainesville
At the bottom of Devils Millhopper

A couple hours later we arrived in Tallahassee only to be greeted by the happiest and most humble Ghanian couple. They apologized for their small home but the amount of hospitality they showed us right away made me think we were staying in a palace! That whole first evening they treated Gustaff and I like royalty, and thanked us for being there, when we were trying our best to thank them for the service they were doing for us.

For the remainder of our stay in Tallahassee we were loved so deeply as if we were family by this amazing young couple. They took us everywhere we needed or anywhere we wanted, they made sure we had more than enough to eat, helped us with any tasks we needed done, kept us company at any moment, and gave us our space when it was necessary. All I can think of is that all these wonderful people I am meeting are great examples for me, teaching me these great qualities through service so that I’ll be ready when I get to that stage in my life. I can only hope that I will reflect what I am experiencing.

Tallahassee Baha'i
My new Tallahassee family.

We had two shows in Tallahassee; the first was a devotional concert the morning of the 14th, which was fittingly full of love; the second a concert at Tallahassee Community College for an energetic and youthful crowd of new friends. We unexpectedly had an entire class come to enjoy the performance. Both shows went extremely well and the feedback we received was all so positive and encouraging.

Tallahassee Community college performance
TCC performance in the Honors Lounge, February 15th.

Thank you Gainseville and Tallahassee for your loving and greatly appreciated support!!