My Story

… [I]f a man should live his entire life in one city, he cannot gain a knowledge of the whole world. To become perfectly informed he must visit other cities, see mountains and valleys, cross the rivers and traverse the plains.”


Hello Friends!

Thank you for checking out my Travel Blog. Here you will find some of my personal music, video and travel projects.

A little bit more about me:

I began a non-stop trip around the world in May of 2013 from Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada with $300 in my bank account, a 1995 Buick Century Station Wagon to travel and live in, and a Martin backpacker guitar to hopefully use to make some money. My goal was to, of course, experience what our world had to offer, but at the same time find out what it was I had to offer the world. Like many people, I wanted to do what I could to make a difference, and this is just one way I felt I could do so. I carried with me only what I would need to look after myself for the moment, and made the necessary adjustments along the way when possible.

Fast forward to 2021: Currently I am living in Key West, Florida and still finding any excuse to travel. Through this website I would like to share my journey in the hopes of inspiring others to believe in themselves, not to do exactly what I am doing, but to find the road that’s right for them. I hope that you all can keep in touch and follow along with me. I will continue to post my travels and experiences whenever possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time! I will do my best to respond right away.

Thank you all,

Love Stevie!

A photo of Stevie Vagabond in Soloy, Panama giving gifts to local children.

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