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Hey All!!

Well it’s been over a year since my EP Shadows Tour with Gustaff Besungu, and although I never completed the album I was set to make I did come out with one produced song, Humble Miles (produced by Russ Salton). I’d also have to say that I actually came out with so much more than just one song, but I could probably talk forever about the growth I made thanks to so many wonderful people and you would all get bored (if you’re even reading up to this point).

Anyways back to the song.  Humble Miles came to me while I was walking through Guatemala and found myself on a random jungle road with no civilization around. I saw dark clouds rolling in and really hoped someone would drive by soon. Unfortunately no one came, and the storm hit. I sat there on the side of the road getting soaked, laughing at my situation, and then this song came to my mind. I wrote it down later that evening when I finally reached civilization again.

Photo of Stevie Vagabond in the jungles of Central America where he wrote Humble Miles.

If you wanna check out the song, add it to your playlist on Spotify, and/or buy it on iTunes or CDBaby, click this link:

Thank you all for the support!

PS. I am now making some changes to the site, catching up on a few things and planning on getting some new posts out for you all very soon. Stay tuned!!


Stevie Vagabond


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